Book reading. Want to host us?

14 Mar

Many of you wanted to know how they can call us over for an evening of book reading. Here we are with our simple proposal.

Just give us three tentative dates and times, so we can see how the three of us can make it.

We would prefer book clubs, colleges, libraries, finishing schools, and schools that are into personality development, among other specialist schools of learning.

Our only pre-condition: the book reading should lead to sales of copies soon after, so people can go back home with an autographed copy of Mind Blogs 1.0.

The best part? Those who are part of the book reading could mail us samples of their work, both published and unpublished. Who knows. One of them could make it to the sequel of Mind Blogs 1.0 and they could call themselves published authors, too!

If you want to host us, write to


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