Want to be part of Mind Blogs 2.0?

21 Oct

Even you can be part of the next edition. Just mail us (zahid@writewing.in) your blog posts. We will upload all the posts we receive. What’s more, if selected, your writing could even appear in the printed version of Mind Blogs 2.0.

The book, Mind Blogs 1.0, priced at Rs 250, is brought out by the Bangalore-based Write Wing Media. The proceeds of the book will be ploughed back into publishing more thought-provoking and insightful books. The book is available at Sankars outlets across India.

In Bangalore, you could also buy at the following stores: Magazines, Variety, Book Worm and Blossoms, among others. The book can also be ordered online for free door delivery, courtesy Flipkart.com at 25% discount (Rs 188 instead of Rs 250). If you want an eBook, you could buy it from Amazon.com and Pothi.com.

Mind Blogs 1.0 is a series of essays and anecdotes on people, places and things. On victory and defeat. On politics and society. On us. Most of all, it’s a fun read targetted at the young and the young at heart. Lay your hands on the book NOW!!! And tell us what you think of the book.

Happy reading!


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