Mind Blogs 1.0 is pioneering a new art form: Peter Colaco

2 Oct
Peter Colaco (extreme right)

Now It Can Be Told.

The Gang of Three who have been recently observed around a table in Koshy’s, evening after evening… (in concentrated silence, with an occasional Mexican Wave of giggles passing through the group…). They were not just our usual happy, Koshy’s regulars, drinking tea for timepass…

They were ‘bloggers’, surreptitiously pioneering a new Art Form (a Weblog site  collated in a handy print-form for easy access).

It’s MIND BOGGLING, isn’t it? The hard version copy of an essentially ‘virtual’ literary form, now in cold hard print… No downloading code, no passwords…. It’s appropriately called MIND BLOGS. And, Bangalore style, it is a ‘one-by-three’ production.


— Peter Colaco, author-filmmaker


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