Mind Blogs 1.0 and its target audience

18 Sep

Where do I begin to tell the story of Mind Blogs 1.0? In the beginning! There was a table. And a few chairs. There was Christina. And also Z (Zahid). Then there was Gen Now (we believe we are at least a decade more experienced than Gen Now is).

Everyday, I realised I was thrilled. Thrilled at the nippy air tickling my nose on my ride back home. Thrilled at the spider lilies separating the median at the flyover.  Thrilled over the ginger tea at Koshys. Thrilled by Kittie’s (Christina) new poem. Thrilled at Z becoming a bakra.

Then, I looked around. And realised that Gen Now didn’t seem so thrilled about anything. I said so to Kittie, and then to Z. And then, we decided we’d show Gen Now that cheap thrills come with no frills. There’s so much magic in the air… actually the air couldn’t take it any longer, so we transferred the magical tales to Mind Blogs, so christened by Z, who later added 1.0 for special effect, just like the sprinkling from the fairy’s wand.

And this star dust is rife with Kittie’s imagination, rising over the harsh undercurrents of life, to settle as soothing words. And of course Z’s masala. And my REAL (ha ha) stories. So Mind Blog it I say and believe me, I never tell lies.

Nirmala Govindarajan


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