Brainstorming at Koshy’s

6 Sep

Time – 3 pm

Place – Koshy’s

I often wondered why Christina went on Saturday evenings to meet her friends at Koshy’s. She went there when it rained or stormed. Nothing was more important to her than this.

Three friends were in the serious business of writing offtrack stories. Each Saturday meeting was a brainstorming one.

I wondered whether I, who had just turned 63, would infact be in place or out of place while three young people were in fact talking about their off track book for people below 40. I realised being with them that age was only in the head. I felt young in heart and spirit. This mind blogging book crossed age and time. I got into the rhythm of what was happening. There were words, phrases and sentences to create the sub title of the book. Three hours of laughter and seriousness went by before I realised how fast time had gone in the company of three wonderful young people.

— Mariam Daniels


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