An idea, a mind blog

6 Sep

When I look back, the journey on Mind Blogs began as an idea in Nimmi’s mind discussed over endless cups of coffee at Koshy’s. Why not bring together all those little bits and pieces of writing that we had on different themes in the world around us?

The development of this idea into a book called Mind Blogs was a logical progression for me as most (if not all the pieces) that I contributed to the book had first appeared on my blog. In its final form, the book itself took the form of a blog, albeit a hard copy version in the non-virtual world.

Watching this book take shape over the last year has also been a fascinating journey. Selecting pieces, re-writing them for print, finding harmony between the different pieces and finally watching it take shape into a single book where three different writers speak in one voice. Sometimes it almost felt like jamming in a jazz band, with the only difference being that the key participants were writers and not musicians.

Today as Mind Blogs 1.0 lies in our hand, I believe that it is an unusual book with a message. I hope that it speaks to you in the way that working on Mind Blogs has spoken to me.

— Christina Daniels


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